Celebrities Who Take Smart Drugs

Modern life is very intense and busy, it faces us up large-scale tasks that demand quick decisions, high intellectual level, ability to stay energetic and prudent. It goes without saying that people who manage huge finances, responsible for life and welfare of entire nations, or simple are always in the spotlight, need those qualities most of all. So, how to stay on top? How to save mind sobriety and memory clarity, stable efficiency, and optimism? People have always been in search for the means to support and enhance their stamina and vital power. Nootropics are our choice.

What Nootropics Are The Best

Smart drugs are a large group of products united by a common property: they increase energy, mental activity, cognition, and memory, allowing quick and effective processing of information. There are very serious stimulants, such as amphetamines, for example, but they cannot be used without a doctor’s prescription. Herbal products also have biologically active substances that affect the brain and power level, such as dark chocolate, eggs, coffee, nuts, tea, olive oil, salmon, beans, seaweed, flax seed, berries, apples, curcuma, broccoli, etc. 

Following the right diet, a person can significantly improve overall health and provide the proper food for the brain. Yet, sometimes the diet alone is not enough. The modern nootropic Provigil (the main active ingredient is modafinil) is successfully used from the 1990s to increase CNS efficiency, life force, alertness, and concentration. It works by increasing dopamine neurotransmitter levels and facilitating neuron communication. This smart drug is approved by FDA, is not abusive or addictive, have minimum side effects if used properly.

Effectiveness, Proven by Practice

Modafinil has many advantages, and they are not only words, has proven by life practice. Some people are hesitating about taking medicines as well-being improvers. Many can be suspicious about taking smart drugs, as they are still drugs. But at the same time many of them people are not so worried about taking alcohol or cigarettes, drinking too much coffee, and so on. Here, we will apply to popular and obviously successful people who use modafinil without any scepsis, and know that it really works.

Joe Rogan

Joe Rogan is a well-known American comic, showman, businessman, and martial artist, who is courageous enough to admit that he uses modafinil to be energetic, active and intelligent. He says that this smart drug makes his brain sharp and flexible, gives him opportunity to work more effectively and be more lively in general for more than six hours. He compares Provigil with coffee, and modafinil definitely wins, as it also improves cognitive skills and concentration.

One of his podcasts with Tim Ferris was dedicated specifically to this nootropic and his own experience about it. Joe emphasized modafinil advantages and explained that it gives him large opportunities to be engaged in different activities.

Dave Asprey

A great entrepreneur and businessman Dave Asprey, who created a famous and popular Bulletproof Diet, the founder of Nutrition company, and the author of five books, is one of the biggest modafinil supporters.

He is considered to be a “biohacker,” who experimented smart drugs on himself, studying his body and its potential for more than ten years. He has been using modafinil every day for eight years, and claims that he has increased his IQ, lost weight, and learnt how to get refreshed and concentrated even after a short period of sleep. The creator of Bulletproof Coffee shows on his own example the use of Provigil and says to its favor. First he started using it while working on his book and having unclear thinking. He is sure he got stamina, keen and active brain and success because of this drug.

Tim Ferris

Podcaster, TV show host, and entrepreneur Tim Ferris, business books author, who is eminent with his bestseller “The 4-Hour Workweek”, has been at the dawn of making money over the internet, and currently is also an investor and consultor in networking.

He surely has a very intense and busy life. He honestly shares the fact of taking modafinil as a source of energy and sharp mind, when he needs to be extremely efficient, work all night long, fight sleepiness, and also to unblock his brain if it is needed, but he doesn’t take it on a regular basis. In one of his interviews, Ferris told about modafinil advantages, and why sportsmen can use it to get advantages.

Barack Obama

It is no need to tell who Barack Obama is. Ex-president of the USA has never confessed in taking any smart drugs. But being extremely busy with his responsible work, having a very strict schedule, and so many important tasks, ruling so large country, he should be always concentrated and efficient.

In his medical report some secret drug was mentioned, which helped him perform his duties successfully, and fight sleepiness when changing time zones traveling all over the world. Dr. Lisa Shives, the director of the Northshore Sleep Medicine in Evanston, concluded that the best drug, which could be used, was Provigil.

Barry Bonds

Barry Bonds, a prominent ex-baseball player, who participated in the League for twenty-two seasons and made great success, is suspected to take modafinil as a source of high energy, concentration, attention and bright mind, together with steroids and growth hormone. He is still believed to be the best in his field. Barry has never confessed in taking smart drugs, but the doctors are sure he did, and there are papers, which can prove this fact.

Hillary Clinton

The world-renowned politician Hillary Clinton denies the fact of using nootropics. Though, there are documents, which prove that her personal doctor was asked to study the effect of Provigil back in 2011.

The politicians can be interested in modafinil, because it helps combat stress, anxiety and fatigue, stay alert and smart in difficult and pressing situations, especially facing up harsh competition.

There is a belief that Hillary took the drug during presidential elections in 2016 and it helped her to resist hardships connected with them.

Kelli White

An outstanding American sprinter Kelli White was caught on taking modafinil stimulant during the World Championship in 2003. As this smart medication gives plenty of advantages comparing to non-takers, Kelli lost two golden medals, and was excluded from participation in competition. She was not disqualified though, as that time the drug was not on the list of forbidden dopings. The athlete explained that it was taken to treat narcolepsy, but everybody knows the effect that modafinil gives to enhance power and concentration, motor coordination, renovation of physical and emotional forces, which can help sportsmen be ahead.

Millionaires And Soldiers

Businessmen from Wall Street are also interested in this magic drug, as their working day is not counted by 24 hours. They have to stay on for months without any break. It takes much brain work, attention, concentration, mental and physical power. As it was said by one of the commentators on WallStreetOasis website, modafinil is not the same as five cups of coffee giving energy for five hours, it is the top league. Such people as the trader Peter Borden, mobile-software developer Jesse Law­ler, or the entrepreneur Daniel Tenner, tried the effects of Provigil on themselves, and noted its positive influence on their productivity. 

The UK army has also tested modafinil. It is obvious that soldiers often have to be at the limit of human capabilities, especially during military operations. The additional advantages are especially needed. Dr. Anna Casey comments, that it is governmentally financed project, and the studies are still on. The smart drug has been trialed by US and French military men, but its use is still controversial. Anyway, armed forces need means to keep soldiers alert under the stressful conditions, such as lack of sleep, heat, a lot of tension, etc., and modafinil is believed to be of the great benefit.


It is not necessary to be some celebrity to use Provigil. If you need to prepare for examinations, work at night hours, keep your mind sharp and focused for a long while, quickly make decisions under the conditions of tiredness and lack of sleep, when your brain demands help, modafinil is the solution. Brand Provigil is a rather expensive medication, although Provigil Generic is available with the proved quality and efficacy, and you can buy it much cheaper and over the counter.